Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Changing bits and pieces

In our animatic we have shown a rough idea of what we are aiming to do. We would like to use most of them ideas, improve them in some way and fit everything together.

We started off the Animatic with the boy sitting alone on a chair with a mic. I feel this would look quite successful if it was to fade out from a black background. In the animatic, straight after this shot, we have shown Taro and myself walking in one by one. Taro and I felt that this wouldn't be such a good idea as it would look a little tacky. Therefore we have come up with a new idea which we would like to shoot one day next week maybe. The shot we would like to change it to, is of me and Taro getting ready for a party in the bathroom. After getting ready we both walk down the stairs. From here the beat changes so we are going have a black shot and suddenly change to then scene of Taro, DJ Rav and myself in Birmingham dancing to the first part of the song.

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