Thursday, 2 July 2009

Jab We Met - Mauja Mauja

Jab We Met - Mauja Mauja: I have added this clip to my blog as I feel it is quite interesting and appealing.
I really like the idea of having many dancers in one framing, this is because everything looks perfect and symetrical as everyone is doing the same moves at the same time. However this can sometimes look a little too crowded.
Secondly, the colours of the clothing the dancers are wearing shows the individuality of each person as there is no uniform, and they are dressed in brights coloured outfits.
Also the camera angles are brilliantly put together. Although they are simple shots they look rather interesting. The zooming in and out/close ups and also the framing is very effective.
Lastly, i would like to talk about the set/studio. (1:00)At this stage of the music video, it shows a beautiful set. I really like this as the lighting makes the set look delicate and petite. In the rest of the clip, the dancers are dancing on a stage. This doesn't look very attractive as it is quite unusual for music videos to be set on a stage. However, because there are alot of people in the framing, it doesn't really matter as the focus is mainly on the dancers and the two main singers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


This is my Glogster which I have created on "". The reason why I have included this on my blog is because it shows most of my ideas on to one page. It's pretty similar to a moodboard. I have included videos, pictures and artist names which relate to the music genre I am interested in. (Bhangra/bollywood music).