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Creation of a music act

•Solo artist
•Dj Rav
•Male singer who is self taught, started his career in singing at the age of 17 and was offered a chance to sing with the famous Jassi Sidhu in 2003. After appearing in the video he was spotted by many record companies. From then his career started to expand as he was asked to feature in several bhangra music videos. Later in his career life musicians from the bollywood music industry decided to contact him and promote him into bollywood film style music. He is now settled in both genres of bollywood film music and bhangra. Recently he has released a new single. One of his songs has hit the top ten this month in the british asian charts.

•Ideology - what are their values/beliefs, what are they trying to promote in terms of music and/or a general philosophy.
•Image - include drawn images and/or photos of what they artist/band will look like. Clothes, make-up, hair, accessories etc. ‘The look’.
•Record Label - select one and give reasons for choice. Look to similar bands/artists for guidances.
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Saturday, 5 September 2009

500 word Textual Analysis of Devdas - Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka

I have chosen to write a case study on the music video 'Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka' from the film Devdas. I am going to explain why i have chosen this video and what i think has attracted me to it.

Aishwarya Rai is using the candle to represent her longing beloved. The music video starts off with a candle which a series of ladies try to blow out but do not succeed. This shows that her love is ever lasting and nothing can put it out like the flame on her candle. She later sings 'A gust of wind is coming to blow out my candle, this flame of my longing beloved, but it shall never be put out.' This shows that even powerful wind can not defeat her strong feeling for her beloved one.

I like the way Aishwarya Rai is center of attention throughout the whole video.
The video starts of with

500 word Textual Analysis of Devdas - Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Research into a record label

Epic Records is an American record label. It is owned and operated by Sony Music Entertainment. Epic was launched originally as a jazz and classical music label in 1953 by CBS and was eventually expanded to several genres of music. The label manages several imprints as well.

By 1960, the label's musical base was expanded to include all genres of music and became an avenue for Columbia's A&R department to sign newer artists and avoid "overstuffing" the larger sister Columbia label, which at the time leaned on signing better known or already established artists. Many of Epic's signings were newer pop, Rock & Roll, and R&B artists in nature, where Columbia had better known "mainstream" popular artists.

Ten years later, Epic earned its first gold records and developed into a formidable hit-making force in rock and roll, R&B and country music. Among its many acts, it included Roy Hamilton, Bobby Vinton, The Dave Clark Five, The Hollies, Tammy Wynette, Donovan, The Yardbirds, Lulu, and Jeff Beck. Several of the British artists on the Epic roster in the 1960s were the result of Epic's distribution deal with EMI in which Epic recordings were issued by EMI on the Columbia label before the contract with EMI expired at which point CBS Records formed a British Epic Records branch to market Epic label material.

There are many epic records artists, such as:

Alexandra Burke
Natasha Bedingfield
The Jacksons
Michael Jackson
Sean kingston
Cindi Lauper
Jennifer Lopez
Kelly Ozbourne
Scouting for girls
Jessica Simpson

..and many more!