Monday, 25 January 2010

Song length

As the song is 4 minutes and 51 seconds long, i have decided to cut it down to 2 minutes and 36 seconds. This would be more sufficient as i feel that 5 minutes is way to long for a music video. I have chosen to cut the song at precisely 2 min and 36 sec because the songs fades quite well into an ending.

New storyboard

The new storyboard is going to be quite similar to the storyboard that I created for the old video. The only difference will be that in my video i am going to be using one less girl. The begining of the video will be as shown on the previous storyboard. Later in the song we will start to see the boy looking into the camera as if he is looking at the girl. He will be singing into the camera as if he singing to the girl. Every where the girl goes, the boy will follow to try and catch her attention....

Change of plan

I have now decided that I am going to work alone. Reason for this is because I feel that it is a lot easier to prepare and organise alone. I feel that working with another person makes things a little difficult in many ways, such as having different opinions and taste, also in some ways we get distracted easily working together.

I have chosen to stick with the same song 'Desi Girl' and have started to think of new ideas for it.
My storyline within the video is going to be the same, however I am going to use less dancing scenes and include more modern scenes.
Also i am going to change the fact that the video is going to include 2 girls and a guy. Instead I am going to have a 2 boys and a girl. This would be more conivinient for the video as it would make it more simple by having two boys fighting over one girl. This storyline is quite common in the bollywood music industry and also in reality.
The video will consist of the two boys singing, the scenes will move on to the boys fighting and then eventually both boys and the girl dancing. In between the scenes there are going to be shots of the girl flaunting herself and looking good.