Saturday, 3 October 2009

DigiPack Template

Friday, 2 October 2009

Creating your music artist

1)Name - His stage name would be DJ Rav, however his real name is Mr Ravilal Singh.
2)Genre - Bollywood bhangra
3)Breif description of artist - British Asian artist. Male, singer aged 22.
4)Biography - He is from the UK and has been born and brought up in London. Apart from his musical career he is finishing off his studies in Marketing Executive/Manager. He is studying at Wesminister Univerisity. He started his musical career by going to gigs and attending dinner and dance parties where he use to sometimes see famous Djs, musicians and singers. After singing at one gig people realy liked him and he was then offered to appear in two famous bhangra artists new song in 2003. He had then started to be recognised by record companies all over the UK and featured in several videos. Slowly, musicians from the bolywodd music industry in India also heard his music and great singing voice and asked him to create a track for one of there upcoming films. Now he is well known all over the UK and abroad for his music and his goodlooks.
He wasnt influenced by anyone really because he was self taught and was born with a great talent of singing and creating wonderful music. Obviously he listend to his favourite artists music and picked up techniques but he never really had a favourite singer.
Nowdays he is on the roll by attending more parties, gigs and clubs where he performs to hundreads of people. He also goes to funfairs and melas where he is often interviewed along with being interveiwed on 'Club Asia' radio station. He has got a New years avent in Dubai this year where he will be running the night with his other musicians and Djs for a family New years night party. Up until then he has 3 wedding receptions, 2 family dinner and dance parties and 6 gigs to run.
His most recent single was released last month in August called 'Aja Soniyeh (C'mon beautiful)' which was in the top ten in the asian charts. This featured two remixed tracks, one of which had Akon in it. More and more people are getting to know him as he is performing in bigger areas and places.
5)How the artists image will be constrcted - The artist has a tattoo on neck towards the front and this is what the audience and public will recognise about him and this is what unique about him. He will be a casual guy who will mostly be dressd casualy/smart. He's a handsome young man and is a hearthrob for all fo the young girl out there. His appearance might change depending on what kind of music he has made or is featuring. If its is own music videos then his image will stay consitant most of the time as his music is lively and upbeat, but if he appears in someone else's video it could be changed to more of a rebelious or sexy look.
6)How will you use webspace - He will have his own offical site where fans will be able to view his gallery, photoshoots, upcoming events and music, previous music, biography, music offers and links to buying his music. We will also add links to related website where people can buy his music, find out more information about him.
7)What other 'gimmicks' and PR stunts do you have in mind-

8)Initial Gig venues/music outlets-how will you get their music heard?-
His music will be heard through radio stations and on his website where trailors of his upcoming films will be shown and heard. If he is feeling generous he may sing a short line from his new releases at music festivals and other gigs.
9)Any aliances suggested or already forged-how will these be exploited?

10)How do you propose to get the press involved?

11)Practical issues -His target audience will be aimed at a variety of ages. Starting from young teenagers to adults in their mid thirty's. This is because his music is up-beat, so it will be something teenagers will like and adults will also enjoy. They will consist of a variety of different topics, some which will interest teenagers more and others which adults will prefer. The merchandising will be done by a professional merchandiser. This will make the artist and his website look alot more professional. This will make the public akknowledge the new smart and elegant artist, also his status. His style of a CD digipack would consist of four flaps coming out from either side giving the consumer relevant information about the new artist on the block 'DJ Rav.' The colours will be bold and elegant which will relate to his smart personality.